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Lighting:Smart Dragon

Lighting:Smart Dragon

Lighting:Smart Dragon

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Street Light

LVD-ZD10000(before DLD-1100)


Model:LVD-ZD10000(before DLD-1100)

Category:Street Light

Lamp Source:Smart Dragon Series


Protection Grade:IP65


Package Dimensions:1180x495x270

Installation Diameter:Fixed diameter:Φ60

Materials:The lamp and electrical cabinet is made of high pressure die-casting aluminum,high-purity aluminum pressing reflector equipped with toughened glass

Applications:City main roads, expressway, business district streets,parking lot,Parking lot and other outdoor lighting places

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1.The lamp and electrical cabinet is made of high pressure die-casting aluminum
2.High strength, high temperature resistance cambered surface toughened glass

3.The one-time shaped high purity alumina reflector provides optimized light distribution.
4.Electrostatic spraying on surface
5.ThSelective photoswitch
6.The separated installation between electrical equipment and light source is more applicable for heat dissipation.

7.Equipped with our Company’s Smart Dragon LVD induction lamp; high luminous efficiency, long use-life, excellent color rendering, stable ray and no flash, energy-saving, wide color temperature , soft ray, stable light output, etc.


Series Model Nominal Light Flux Light Appearance Rated Wattage
Smart Dragon LVD-LL120W 9600 351x140x98 120W
Smart Dragon LVD-LL150W 12000 351x140x98 150W
Smart Dragon LVD-LL200W 16000 431x148x105 200W
Smart Dragon LVD-LL250W 20000 481x148x105 250W
Smart Dragon LVD-LL300W 24000 531x152x109 300W

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model Working voltage electric current Power Factor Operating Temperature main frequency
LVD-WJ110-277/60-120DJF 110-277V - 0.98 -40~45℃ 210khz
LVD-WJ110-277/60-150DJF 110-277V - 0.98 -40~45℃ 210khz
LVD-WJ110-277/60-200DJF 110-277V - 0.98 -40~45℃ 210khz
LVD-WJ220/50-120DJF 220V 0.59 0.98 -25-50℃ 210khz
LVD-WJ220/50-150DJF 220V 0.74 0.98 -25-50℃ 210khz
LVD-WJ220/50-200DJF 220V 0.98 0.98 -25-50℃ 210khz
LVD-WJ220/50-300DJF 220V 1.47 0.98 -25-50℃ 210khz
LVD-WJ347/60-120DJF 347V 0.37 0.98 -25-50℃ 210khz
LVD-WJ347/60-150DJF 347V 0.46 0.98 -25-50℃ 210khz
LVD-WJ347/60-200DJF 347V 0.62 0.98 -25-50℃ 210khz
LVD-WJ220/50-250DJF 220V 1.22 0.98 -25-50℃ 210khz
LVD-WJ100-240/50-120DJF 100-240V - 0.98 -25-50℃ 210khz
LVD-WJ100-240/50-150DJF 100-240V - 0.98 -25-50℃ 210khz
LVD-WJ100-240/50-200DJF 100-240V - 0.98 -25-50℃ 210khz
LVD-WJ110-277/50/60-250DJF 110-277V / 0.95 -40℃-50℃ 210KHZ

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