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Lighting:Smart Dragon

Lighting:Smart Dragon

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Tunnel Light




Category:Tunnel Light

Lamp Source:Smart Dragon Series


Protection Grade:IP65


Package Dimensions:700x450x310

Installation Diameter:Tunnel light with adjustable bracket

Materials:Integration of high pressure die-casting aluminum lamp, electrostatic spraying on the surface,high-efficient mirror surface aluminum reflector equipped with toughened glass

Applications:Tunnel, underpass, urban underground engineering, etc.

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1.The lamp is made of shock resistance integration high pressure die-casting aluminum, beautiful in appearance and durable for use.
2.Electrostatic spray on surface, heat-resistant, excellent weather-resistant property
3.The imported mirror surface aluminum reflector, and high reflection assure light flux high output.
4.Lamps can be opened on both sides, easy to install
5.High-strength glass, high transmittance, impact-resisting
6.New silicon rubber seal rings,Efficiently ensure silicon rubber not aging.
7.Adaptive higher power light source
8.Equipped with our Company’s Smart Dragon LVD induction lamp; high luminous efficiency, long use-life, excellent color rendering, stable ray and no flash, energy-saving, wide color temperature , soft ray, stable light output, etc.


Series Model Nominal Light Flux Light Appearance Rated Wattage
Smart Dragon LVD-LL200W 16000 431x148x105 200W
Smart Dragon LVD-LL250W 20000 481x148x105 250W
Smart Dragon LVD-LL300W 24000 531x152x109 300W

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model Working voltage electric current Power Factor Operating Temperature main frequency
LVD-WJ110-277/60-200DJF 110-277V - 0.98 -40~45℃ 210khz
LVD-WJ110-277/60-250DJF 110-277V - 0.98 -40~45℃ 210khz
LVD-WJ220/50-200DJF 220V 0.98 0.98 -25-50℃ 210khz
LVD-WJ220/50-300DJF 220V 1.47 0.98 -25-50℃ 210khz
LVD-WJ347/60-200DJF 347V 0.62 0.98 -25-50℃ 210khz
LVD-WJ220/50-250DJF 220V 1.22 0.98 -25-50℃ 210khz
LVD-WJ100-240/50-200DJF 100-240V - 0.98 -25-50℃ 210khz

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