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A Letter to Customers

Date:2017-08-15     Content sources:

Dear customers:
We appreciate your support and trust to Shanghai Hongyuan Lighting and Electric Equipment Co., Ltd all this time. To provide better products and better pre- and after-sales service to every customer, hereby we authorize Wuxi Jianhua Electric Appliance plant as the exclusive agent to produce and sell LVD induction lamp and its accessory products.
We declare that all the induction lamps labeled with Hongyuan or LVD brand in the present market are counterfeit products except those provided by Wuxi Jianhua Electric Appliance plant. Once the counterfeit products are discovered, we will handle the case strictly in accordance with the law to protect the legitimate rights of our company and customers, and the related company or person will be investigated for legal responsibility.
Now our company’s email address has been changed to . The previous email address will no longer be used. Dear present and future valued customers, we sincerely hope to win your care and support in future as always. 
Shanghai Hongyuan Lighting and Electric Equipment Co., Ltd