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LVD can meet Janpan’s requirements for quality

Date:2013-05-30     Content sources:Hongyuan

It costs up to US$10,000 to replace a street light in a U.S. highway. That includes, the indirect economic losses caused by road closure, cost for renting large climbing equipment, laboring fee for high-altitude operation with live-line condition, then cost for the replaced product. Therefore, a lighting product has strict requirements on the quality of products. In contrast with high maintenance cost on site, the cost for adopting strict quality control during production is rather lower. Thus, lighting products with high quality are essential and vital for contractors.

Hongyuan LVD production management team is led by managerial elites from Singapore with years of expertise in quality management. This team regards Japanese rigid requirements as criteria for examining the quality standard of LVD induction lamp, in a view of building up first class products to cover global markets. So far, LVD induction lamps have been widely-applied in Japan, including Toyota, Mitsubishi chemical, Nippon steel, Nippon Express and many other well-known enterprises, and have received high praise. Accordingly, a program of LVD Made in Japan has been launched for assembling LVD products in Japan to cater the increasing demand from Japanese market.

While strictly operating in accordance with the ISO9001 standard, Hongyuan implements its innovative quality bonus mechanism, called “Total Staff Quality Award”, which sets a basic bonus rate on a required rate of qualified products. Every employee’s actual bonus will be allocated after deducting the cost of defective products he produced beyond the tolerance rate. This mechanism encourages all the employees to combat defective products and waste, in a view to gaining a high bonus. In this essence, advanced quality control concepts, such 5S management and lean production can really be implanted in the heart of each staff.

On the basis of customer oriented concept, which guides Hongyuan’s marketing, service, R&D activities close to the market, Hongyuan concentrates all the efforts to provide customers around the world with high quality and most valuable LVD induction lamps.

Warmly welcome to Hongyuan and LVD manufacturing base!