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A letter to both our new and old customers

Date:2013-03-08     Content sources:Hongyuan

Dear customers,

Thank you for your years of support. Just because of your support, Hongyuan can come over various difficulties.

Over ten years ago, the birth of induction lamp created a big impaction on the conventional electric light sources. At the meantime, Hongyuan received praise from all media, scholars and experts. As induction lamp owned remarkable features of energy saving and high efficiency and enormous market value, Hongyuan was immersed in the joy of success on the invention, expecting an upcoming era of induction lamp. However, just at that time, a lawsuit by Osram against Hongyuan on patent infringement forced Hongyuan to struggle for survival.

As the inventor of induction lamp, Hongyuan was the unique target locked by Osram to block the whole induction lamp industry. Facing enormous pressure from OSRAM, enthusiasm for lighting raised Hongyuan’s spirits on patience and perseverance in the six-year long fight, despite the rival was giant. During the six years, Hongyuan had to suffer the difficulties and suspicion accompanying the leave of many customers, while some of customers still firmly believed in and advocated LVD induction lamp. Pessimism caused by external pressure also affected the employees and many talents had to leave for good personal development so that the team cohesion was reduced to the bottom, when Hongyuan faced internal and external troubles and the way of safeguarding legal rights was more rugged.

In the six years of Hongyuan′s extraordinary pressure to survive, no investment, outdated facilities and the high staff turnover rate directly made the quality of products not stable enough. And a large number of small enterprises recklessly copied induction lamp and even imitated Hongyuan induction lamp, which resulted in that advantages of induction lamp were not achieved. With chaos in the industry, Hongyuan had internal troubles, but more worried about customers′ loss and disappointment caused by unstable product quality and counterfeits, which made Hongyuan feel deeply guilty and apologetic for her helplessness.

After winning OSRAM, Hongyuan invested 0.5 billion yuan to establish the world′s largest and most professional manufacturing base of LVD induction lamp, in aunprecedent speed to put it into operation during one year. With all troubles unloaded, employees united with high morale, Hongyuan restored confidence and vigor and determined to make up for the lost six years with endless efforts.

Innovative design, lean production, customers′ interests come first! Customers′ demand is the direction of Hongyuan professional designers′ hard work. The word "to ensure 100% quality" has been deeply rooted in every employee′s heart, showing Hongyuan strictly controls quality of products, including the design, prototype, production and inspection, to make Hongyuan brand value penetratedinto every detail of the product. At the same time, the level of service is also constantly upgraded. The overseas service base leads Hongyuan service directly to the forefront of market. Thus, a direct dialogue with customers as well as efficient and quick service will impress them.

Currently, since Hongyuan has removed obstacles and entered a healthy development track, she always most cherishes customers′ trust. Hongyuan thanks both new and old customers for your support and care for a long time, whether in the past six years of trials and hardships or now. Hongyuan is highly responsible for customers and the society, so we will rightly solve quality problems caused by the objective environment in the past six years, express our deep apology to the customers who suffered loss at that time and try to make up for it. Meanwhile, the bad influence of counterfeits makes Hongyuan and Hongyuan′s customers suffer a lot. Hongyuan hopes to enhance the communication and exchanges with these customers and also wants them to continue to provide support.

Hongyuan′s “rainbow” eventually comes after “storm”. A bright future of Hongyuan has already here. In the future, Hongyuan will more concentrate on intensive cultivation in the field of induction lamp, and we sincerely invite both our new and old customers to witness a new era of green lighting created by induction lamp together!