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Provide Customers with Professional Lighting Luminaire Design and Manufacturing Fulfilling the Professional, Functional and Cultural Requirements

Date:2013-03-04     Content sources:Hongyuan

Induction lamps have the advantages of high brightness, high lumen efficiency, low-energy consumption, no flicker and long service life, possessing outstanding characteristics and excellent luminous effects. However, only the use of professional lamps can completely reveal the advantages of induction lamps, and only the use of professional lamps could be more useful from cultural and functional perspective.

The induction lamp-related products available on the market have a relatively low professional degree, and the phenomenon of putting different types of matching lamps together can been observed everywhere. Applications in most cases, where other lighting fixture are far-fetched for induction lamps, void the advantages and characteristics of induction lamp, as well as its essential differences from conventional lighting products. In addition to that, the luminous efficiency is suppressed, and the differences in heat radiation shall result in shortening the use- life, lowering the energy-saving efficiency and seriously impacting the overall quality of products.

In terms of functionality, lamps may need to withstand intensive vibration, air pressure, rain and snow, acid dust erosion, potential explosions and other events based on different environmental conditions; From cultural point of view, a lamp is an artistic expression meant to create the local social environment and pleasant atmosphere, as well as a best way to engage the innovative experience and customers’ individual demand. Clients’ individual needs can only be met with professional design and lean manufacturing, where the professional matching products of induction lamps could be provided from the perspective of expertise, functionality and culture.

Hongyuan has gathered a lot of experience in the illumination brightness and distribution curve flux design, overall lighting planning and other lamp designs, with profound technical strength. The company has developed and produced various professional products of induction lamps, including street lamps, tunnel lights, high bays, explosion-proof lamps, flood lights, underground lamps, down-lights, yard lamps, ceiling lamps and so on. The company makes its technology and services move forward to stand in the forefront of the market to listen to the actual demands of customers directly, then designs and makes customized products especially for them. If it reaches a certain production volume, the company can provide free designs for customers, as well as to meet the focal needs of high level and high standard from customers in the one-stop services provided by Hongyuan.

The LVD manufacturing base covers an area of nearly 200mu (about 13.34 acres), with the complete manufacturing cycle of research and development, and production of ballasts, PCB, glass bulbs and tubes, lamps, fixtures and packages, and it always controls all aspects and phases of production on its own, which closely reflects the strict requirements of Hongyuan for product quality and their stringent attitude for being highly responsible for customers.

LVD Mold Workshops have a complete set of mold equipments with high standard and high level, creating various lamp molds completely adherent the design of lamps, and then use a whole set of production proceedings to test the mold process and mass-production, to ensure the product quality of manufacturing in enormous quantities. In fabrication, the lean production makes the product quality penetrate into every detail, to show the excellent quality of Hongyuan’s induction lamps, hoping customers to be satisfied because the product quality meeting or exceeding their expectations upon experiencing our products.

A team of professional designers in Hongyuan are working hard to meet the multiple demands of customers, with the working principles of Customized Design, Professional manufacturing and policy of aiming at customers’ demands, supporting the concept of green and energy-efficient lighting products is spread to the global market better through induction lamps, which are making more and more contributions to the green illumination.