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LVD brand of induction lamp safeguarding the global service base set up in Dubai

Date:2013-02-26     Content sources:Hongyuan

In 2011, Shanghai Hongyuan eventually triumphed over the lighting mogul, Osram. Hongyuan broke free, able to make more contributions to the global green illumination energy conservation industry. This very year, Shanghai Hongyuan invested in a wholly-owned subsidiary, and built the Jiangsu LVD Lighting Industry Base. With the its strength and scale of the whole industry chain layout, the idea of green and energy saving is conveyed to customers around the world by countless induction lamp.

With more and more international customers, services are becoming increasingly important. In 2012, Hongyuan established the global service base in the Port Jebelali of Dubai.

Dubai can quickly sell products in Gulf areas, Eastern Europe, Africa and South Asia and affect 1.5 billion people. Port Jebelali is the largest artificial port in the world and it is also the biggest in the Middle East. It takes no more than 48 hours to get to other important ports in Middle East from Port Jebel Ali.

Hongyuan establishes service center in Dubai to conveniently serve the international market. With this bridgehead, Hongyuan will effectively serve most regions in the world. The service will truly come to the forefront of market and the overseas distribution center always considers everything from the perspective of customers.

Hongyuan changes the traditional service concept of solving the issue when it arises, instead, the service system covering a pre-sales, sales or after-sales phase. The company regards after-sales service as the key service and as a close link between our customers and us. LVD global service base is equipped with a large warehouse. We will provide a direct trial and spot trading service of all induction lamps in the pre-sales phase so that the customer experience is more real and direct, providing a great convenience for international clients. The service base will provide tracking services and ensure good running conditions of products when there are special circumstances of the application environment and installation in the sales phase. The warehouse there also has a full range of spare parts and assembly production lines, flexibly and quickly completely covering different customers′ requirements in the pre-sale, sales or after-sales phase.

With the high standardization of standards and parameters of industrial products, high technology content and long life, the after-sales service is strictly required by customers. And international customers pay more attention to after-sales service due to geographical limitations.

Previously, as the ownership of intellectual property was not clear, the market of induction lamp was in a mess, and a lot of small businesses made a small invest and production. The quality of products was unstable and exaggerated guarantee period. In fact, as to the after-sales service, there was the messy system and lack of industry standards and supervision in the industry.

Hongyuan has always been committed to the development of induction lamp since its invention and well aware of the key role of after-sales service for earning customers′ trust. Hongyuan leads the industry of induction lamp, establishes LVD global service base and focuses on after-sales service in the international market, direct contact with customers and face-to-face service. Hongyuan manages to exceed customers′ expectations with service, to earn customers′ trust and to serve customers with sincere and meticulous service concept and attitude. We will make a strong commitment to any customers′ requirement, to make them purchase and use without worry.

In order to further cooperate with the service base to serve the global market, the company has set up a professional overseas after-sales service team to provide professional after-sales service for customers around the world in distribution center in Dubai. Any problem and trouble will be efficiently and professionally settled no matter it occurs in a pre-sales, sales or after-sales phase. In the industry, such courage and sincerity to set up an overseas after-sales service team is very rare. The team are the backbone carefully selected from after - sales department in Jiangsu LVD base, who have been cultivated in the production line. The team have skilled production and maintenance experience of the lamp, ballast and so on. Before being allocated to overseas service base, they need to go through various assessment as well as the systematic after-sales service training.

With the concept of low-carbon life firmly established, phasing out traditional lighting is a big trend in the industrial lighting industry. Hongyuan hopes to make her own contributions in this process and spread the concept of green energy-saving lighting to global market through induction lamp. Hongyuan believes that skill is the key to win the trust of customers and customers′ exhortations of trust and a satisfied smile is our greatest encouragement for whole-hearted service. LVD global service base is in Dubai, but serves the world !