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Extending to serve middle east market,upgrading internationalized strategy

Date:2012-07-11     Content sources:Hongyuan

The six-year-long patent dispute between Hongyuan and OSRAM finally came to an end and the final judgment from Higher People’s Court of Shanghai Municipality and Higher People’s Court of Beijing Municipality declared that Hongyuan absolutely won the lawsuit in 2011. Hongyuan safeguarded the intellectual property rights on induction lamps by law and defended the legitimate rights of the inventor of induction lamps. What’s more, the intellectual property rights, which win the market trust, will escort Hongyuan to vigorously expand the market share at home and abroad.

At the news, all troubles were settled and customers expressed their congratulations on the phone and via e-mail. The confirmative belonging of the intellectual property right built trust, with which many of the clients who were once forced to leave came back to serve Hongyuan again. With the company’s improved image, brand favorite and confidence rapidly increasing, many clients who were once suspicious and doubtful gradually turn to choose Hongyuan. In consequence, the market share opens quickly. In order to meet the growing products demand, Hongyuan goes with the trend and puts forward the internationalized strategy by setting up overseas regional distribution centers in all the key international logistics distributing centers such as Singapore, Middle East, Europe, America, Russia, etc. Those centers are steadily developed in a planned way step by step. Recently, according to market requirements, the distribution center in the Middle East has been successfully completed and put into operation, offering fast services and high-quality products to new and regular clients overseas so as to show gratefulness for their continued support.

1,Dubai- the best service center in the Middle East

Considering the excellent performance in the Middle East market and the growing client requirements, the Company established Dubai as the core of the Middle East overseas distribution center according to the internationalization strategy so as to better serve the local clients and surrounding areas. Dubai can quickly sell products in Gulf areas, Eastern Europe, Africa and South Asia and affect 1.5 billion people, which present limitless commercial opportunities. Dubai is the most famous commercial metropolis in Middle East and is acclaimed as “Trade Capital” of UAE. Dubai is located in the artery which connects the East and the West. It has always been the entrepot trade center in Middle East because of its unique strategic geographical position in the Gulf, the construction of a large batch of infrastructure matching projects, and a series of measures of trade facilitation attaining the highest world standards. Port Jebelali, in Dubai, is the largest artificial port in the world and it is also the biggest in the Middle East. It takes no more than 48 hours to get to other important ports in Middle East from Port Jebel Ali.

Besides, Longcheng, the biggest overseas trade platform held by China’s government, is also located in Dubai and it is the largest goods distribution and wholesale marketing center of China in the Middle East. Longcheng covers an area of 330,000 square meters, where over 2,000 Chinese enterprises are located. According to the statistics, trading volume every year in Longcheng is up to 80-90 billion USD. We can say that Longcheng of Dubai plays an irreplaceable role in over 10 times of the growing trade volume between China and the Middle East.

Dubai has an advantageous trading environment and owns the advanced and mature trading platform in Longcheng. So Dubai is for sure chosen as Hongyuan’s overseas distribution center in the Middle East. The distribution center is located in the Jebel Ali bonded area. Apart from the office area, it is equipped with a dedicated and independent warehouse, which meets the need of display and storage completely. In addition, the distribution can make full use of the advantaged resources and perfect facilities such as logistics, fair, transportation, communication and HCSCD and it can enjoy many preferential policies in economy.

Warehouse of distribution center in Dubai

The elite marketing team of overseas distribution center in Dubai

2,Service first, client first

In fact, establishing the overseas distribution center aims at narrowing the distance to clients as much as possible and further optimizing the supply chain process so as to offer the best service and the most competitive products to direct clients and channel dealers. The reason to choose Dubai as the distribution center is its convenient transportation facilities and perfect logistics equipment which will help to better serve the Middle East and the surrounding countries.

First of all, Dubai distribution center provides a never-ending showcase for clients and demonstrates the company’s professional and authoritative image. Its specialized warehouse gathers all the complete and new products of Hongyuan so that clients can easily get all the information without having to go to China, which greatly saves clients’ time and money. In addition, the Middle East market prefers spot trading and direct trading. Hence, whether the transaction is successful relays on the credit of products and supplier companies. The Middle East distribution center is adaptive to the local trading habits and provides the whole series of products that can be tried out, as well as direct goods trading services, which greatly meet the requirements of local clients. Hongyuan’s products differ from daily consumption goods. Generally speaking, the purchasing behavior should be cautious; once decided, the purchasing is relatively large in quantity. Therefore, “direct goods trading” is welcomed by clients, which assure the normal use of the products, save costs for clients and furthest lower the purchasing risks.

Secondly, the Dubai distribution center is a bridge between the company and its clients. Any problems and troubles will be directly and quickly settled no matter if they occur in a pre-sales, sales or after-sales phase. The marketing engineers there are basically the senior workers of the Company. They are experienced in marketing and what’s more, they are very professional in products and lighting solutions. They can not only solve marketing-related product issues, but also any doubts about product requirements, installation and integrated design on the spot, then offer confirmative and professional solutions to the clients so that the clients have no worries any more. In case of emergency, the distribution center can change with spare products or parts and then analyze the causes and take instant and efficient measures.

Besides, the fact that the distribution center is located in Dubai means that the company can better integrate into local culture and provide more delicate and intimate localized services, etc. In a word, overseas distribution center always consider everything from the prespective of clients and always adhere to the tenet of providing better service and products so as to show gratefulness to new and regular clients for their trust and support over the years.

3,Rapidly and efficiently expand the market share

An elite marketing team of Hongyuan has arrived in Dubai. Apart from their rich experience, they have excellent channel and terminal marketing ability. As the lead of the whole Middle East market, they feel delighted and excited because they can show their talents in such a fabulous platform. With the safeguard of intellectual property right, with the support of Hongyuan’s brand strength and the whole industrial chain production scale, and with the efficient assurance of Company marketing mode and motivation model, the Dubai team passion for work is at all-time height and they spare no efforts to go to the Middle East market in order to serve the clients and build up good trust and image for the Company.

Currently, with under the leadership of Zhang Ning, the market expansion is conducted quickly and efficiently. According to acute market observation and deep analysis, they actively master the local consumption requirements and competitive status in order to make sure that the marketing decision is scientific and accurate. The efficient classification of key markets and VIP clients, flexible targeted marketing formulation means and strategy make the market adaptability obviously strengthened. Based on the convenient transportation facilities of Dubai, the team actively visits potential clients and VIP clients. They actively take part in all the big fairs in the Middle East, including Jordan and Dubai lighting exhibition that will be displayed soon, so as to showcase the company image, meet new clients and understand the local competitive companies and market information. As a result, the market share is wider.

Dubai distribution center has been on the right track of development. In the future, Hongyuan will continue to summarize the successful experience and apply the overseas distribution center model into all the areas worldwide in order to offer high-quality products and services there. Meanwhile, the first-hand marketing experience and market analysis promote the company to research and develop the products that best meet the requirements of the international markets in order to accelerate internationalization strategy with the tenet of “client first and service first”. Thus, Hongyuan’s distribution centers will steadily and quickly prosper in big areas of the world and serve the world.