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Hongyuan creates a brand and always focuses on products quality

Date:2012-05-28     Content sources:Hongyuan

The date of May 25, 2012 is a memorable day for Shanghai Hongyuan, when all the forgery products, defective materials in purchasing and production process were collected and destroyed in the port of Jiangsu Yancheng Lide production base. Leaders of Yancheng Economic and Technical Development Zone and mainstream TV and newspapers and Shanghai Hongyuan chief inspection team witnessed the campaign, in which the destroyed products is accumulatively reached 7,450,000 million RMB. That was a rare occasion in the lighting industry. Through this campaign, Hongyuan shows its resolution to create a brand via products quality for clients, dealers and the society. On the other hand, Hongyuan hopes that all the staff can summarize the successful experience and learn a lesson from it so as to constantly improve the quality awareness and regard quality as the lifeblood of the company. As a result, Chairman Li Weide chooses the May of every year as the “quality month”.

Leaders of Yancheng Economic and Technical Development Zone Management Committee attended the campaign.

Shanghai Hongyuan, incorporated in 1989, 24 years up to now, is the largest R&D and producing base worldwide. In early 2000, Hongyuan injected hundreds of millions of fund into the R&D and application of induction lamps. Finally, Hongyuan first applied integrated circuit technique and magnetic induction technology into the lighting field and successfully invented the induction lamps. The induction lamp, integrating light, electricity and magnetism, is a new illuminant that represents the future development direction with high lighting effect, long-term use and high color rendering. In the current trend of environment-friendly and energy-saving characteristics, the induction lamp, as the representative of new illuminant, has a great market potential and future. Since its invention, Hongyuan always focuses on developing and innovating the induction lamp industry. Facing the fierce situation with OSRAM, the tycoon of lighting industry, Shanghai Hongyuan, had to pay a lot of attention to handle it. Thus, the rapid development pace had to slow down. Until October 24, 2011, the 6-year lawsuit ended up with Hongyuan’s winning from the judgment from the Higher People’s Court of Beijing Municipality, which was a great event for Hongyuan and for the lighting industry as a whole. The Higher People’s Court of Beijing Municipality held a news conference to announce the judgment, which was the first case in the lighting industry. After the winning, Hongyuan, as the forerunner and leader in the induction lamp industry, burst out an unprecedented passion and fully conducted the construction and investment, injecting 0.5 billion RMB to complete Jiangsu Lide Lighting Industrial Base, which achieved the pioneering undertaking – signing the contract, starting and coming into operation, paying tax in the same year, through which we could see its urgent willingness to develop.


Chairman Li Dewei gave a speech.

Today, Lide lighting industrial is base basically finishing the arrangement of induction lamp whole industrial chain, and is equipped with the most advanced, largest-scale and automatic production facilities and R&D devices. The vertical integration of the induction lamp whole industrial chain makes it possible to research and develop the core part ballast, PCB, bubble and tube, illuminant to lamps specialized for induction lamps: from a tiny wire part to the whole production line, everything will be fixedly controlled by the automatic regulation and quality system and within Hongyuan. The whole industrial chain is equipped with automatic production devices, which remove the quality problems resulted from unskilled interventions, errors and negligence so as to assure the products stability and quality reliability.

General Manager of Lide gave an interview for the media

Lide Lighting is numbered from hardware conditions and adopts a series of efficient system and standards on quality management using special software, which makes quality awareness rooted in every employee. We advocate that quality does not come from management but from action. Then, Lide put forward positive incentive mechanisms such as quality awards, so as to turn the wasted raw materials into benefits for the employees and ensure high-quality products via detailed implementation and employees’ efficient work. Eradicate quality problems resulted from human factors and constantly find out the shortage and weakness in the work process are needed to explore a new method and achieve a closed-loop management via revolution. From the very first moment, the company highlights production technology and focuses on quality awareness at the same time to make greater breakthroughs and progress in the field of quality management and products quality on the constant basis of a practical mindset and putting quality first .


The pressing machine is destroying the products valued 7.45 million RMB

In future development, Hongyuan will always take the lead on the way to sound and sustainable development on the basis of technical, quality-oriented innovation. Through the campaign, Hongyuan solemnly promises all the clients, dealers and society, that Hongyuan will always produce 100% high-quality products and reward the consumers and society with first-class products quality and perfect services.