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The safeguard of intellectual property right speeds up the internationalized strategy.

Date:2012-04-12     Content sources:Hongyuan

The year 2011 is unusual for Hongyuan and for the lighting industry as a whole. The six-year-long patent dispute between Hongyuan and OSRAM finally came to an end and the definitive judgment from Higher People’s Court of Shanghai Municipality and Higher People’s Court of Beijing Municipality declared that Hongyuan absolutely won the lawsuit.

Shanghai Hongyuan believed the law is just. On the one hand, Hongyuan organized specialist and lawyers to actively deal with the lawsuit; on the other hand, it elaborately arranged the upgraded transfer and optimized industrial structure after winning the dispute. It adopts a network platform to efficiently conduct the market expansion, and production is exported to over 150 countries to make the products be successfully applied into energy-saving lighting projects which are welcomed and praised by clients at home and abroad. But we had to face the troubles resulting from the unclear intellectual property right belonging, to face the delayed rapid development pace in investment and to face the leave-out of some clients for the doubtful intellectual property right.

At the news, all troubles were settled and customers expressed their congratulations on the phone and via e-mail. The confirmative belonging of the intellectual property right brought trust, with which many clients who were once forced to leave, came back to serve Hongyuan again. With the improved company image, brand favorite and confidence rapidly increasing, many clients who were ever suspicious and doubtful gradually turned to choose Hongyuan. In consequence, the market share opens quickly. In order to meet the growing products demand, Hongyuan goes with the trend and pushes the internationalized strategy- setting up overseas regional distribution centers in all the key international logistics distributing centers such as Singapore, Middle East, Europe, America, Russia, etc. These are steadily developed in a planned way step by step. Recently, according to market requirements, the distribution center in the Middle East has been successfully completed and put into operation, offering fast services and high-quality products to new and regular clients overseas so as to show gratefulness for their continuous support.

According to the innovative model of overseas distribution center, Hongyuan prudently chooses sites to build up overseas distribution centers on the basis of cautious and systematic market analysis in the whole world. Every distribution center directly transfers the marketing and service to the most significant end of the markets to make sure those clients worldwide can directly and conveniently experience Hongyuan’s high-quality products and all-around services. Thus, client recognition and credit greatly increase. The distribution center also integrates trade and logistics and further speeds up order flow and shortens delivery term. This way, client satisfaction is greatly increased and fixed relationships are successfully built up. Let’s cite the first distribution- Singapore Asia-Pacific distribution center. The Hongyuan marketing elite team directly goes to the front of markets. By integrating storage and exhibition, it quickly and directly provides an unending showcase platform and penetrates into the Southeast Asia and the Pacific areas via convenient transportation facilities. Since the operation, clients say then can directly visit the products and trial project. The at-any-time delivery, required delivery, and instant after-sale service are welcomed and praised by local clients.

With the basic safeguard of technical innovation, the production management of advance manufacturing is in a peak, while with the security of intellectual property right, the pace of Hongyuan’s internationalized strategy will surely forge ahead fluently and quickly. Setting up overseas distribution centers headquartered in key international logistics distribution ports in Middle East, Europe, America and Russia is one of the priorities. Quickly open the international market with innovative marketing model to introduce products and services to the world. On the background of advocating eco-friendly and energy-saving features, promote the induction lamp, the innovative and environment-friendly illuminant, to the world and its solid brand and high-quality services are welcomed and praised by consumers worldwide.

Loading and unloading gate of logistics and storage in Singapore distribution center

Loading and unloading platform of logistics storage

5S management in the warehouse

Work team in distribution center

Indoor scene of Asia-Pacific distribution center office

Goods warehouse of Asia-Pacific distribution center

Goods exhibition hall of Asia-Pacific distribution center


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