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The ownership of intellectual property right

Date:2013-02-19     Content sources:Hongyuan

The six-year-long patent dispute between Hongyuan and OSRAM finally came to an end and the definitive judgment from Higher People’s Court of Shanghai Municipality and Higher People’s Court of Beijing Municipality declared that Hongyuan absolutely won the lawsuit. Over the 6 years, no enterprise really invested funds to strengthen the research, development and manufacturing due to the unidentified belonging of intellectual property. Many small enterprises fabricated products in little size and quantity with low-quality, which led to a chaos in the market and to low awareness and acceptance.

After the winning, Hongyuan, as the forerunner and leader in the induction lamp industry, burst out unprecedented passion and fully conducted the construction and investment by injecting 0.5 billion RMB to complete Jiangsu LVD Lighting Industrial Base, which achieved the pioneering undertaking. It gradually promotes totally new, professional and high-quality induction lamp products. Please pay attention!

Jiangsu LVD Lighting Industrial Park- the largest induction lamp producing base worldwide

Logistics distribution gate of Jiangsu LVD Lighting Industrial Park

Staff recreation center of Jiangsu  LVD Lighting Industrial Park

                Dust-free workshop of electrics parts                               CNC automatic plug-in line of electrics workshop

                 Ballast assembly line of electrics workshop                                Assembly line of lamp workshop

Induction lamp whole series of automatic mature line