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Since its successful development in 2003 and launching in 2004, the LVD induction lamp has already obtained over 100 patents up to now. The lamp is put into operation in tens of thousands of key engineering projects worldwide such as Shanghai Nanpu Bridge, Korea Seoul Airport, etc. The products are well praised by clients and have won gold medal in International Industry Fair and National Key New Products Title. Shanghai Hongyuan Lighting & Electric Equipment Company Ltd. is the maker of induction lamp industrial standards.

Differentiation advantage comparison between the LVD induction lamp and other induction lamps
 ·Tailoring magnet ring structure of Hongyuan LVD induction lamp  ·The Hongyuan LVD induction lamp can adopt tailoring exhaust pipe protection design
 ·Hongyuan LVD induction lamp exhaust pipe design  ·Hongyuan LVD induction lamp gap bridge structure
 ·The Hongyuan LVD induction lamp adopts professional electronic ballast  ·Hongyuan LVD induction lamp dimming technology
 ·Hongyuan LVD induction lamp originally invents Venus light source  ·Hongyuan LVD induction lamp originally invented compact dimming magnetic induction lamp Saturn 2B
 ·Hongyuan LVD induction lamp originally invented biological lighting system and ultraviolet sterilization lighting  ·Hongyuan first applied the LVD induction lamp to solar energy lighting systems
 ·Hongyuan LVD induction lamp wide voltage version  ·Hongyuan LVD induction lamp urban digital lighting control system
Comparison between the LVD induction lamp and other light sources
 ·Compared with high frequency induction lamp  ·Comparison with high pressure sodium lamps
 ·Compared with ordinary fluorescent lamps  ·Comparison with LED lamps
 ·Comparison with other induction lamps  
Hongyuan LVD induction lamp urban digital lighting control system
Hongyuan LVD induction lamp urban digital lighting control system

As a kind of high-efficient and energy-saving lighting product, the Hongyuan LVD induction lamp is widely used in road, tunnel, bridge, large workshop, venue projects. In combination with this product, equipment with digital wireless communication control technology can greatly control the lighting in practical projects over the overall urban lighting systems and further increase the effect of energy conservation and consumption reduction and lead the way towards future comprehensive energy conservation.

Urban digital lighting control system application principle
The digital control system adopts a wireless numerical control unit, wireless light control aerial treaty, wireless light control coding sender, and light control backstage service software support system.

  • Possibility to command the whole urban lighting management via long-distance wireless control technology.;
  • Monitor single lights in the area via group-distributed accepting station.;
  • Single lights in the group can achieve point-to-point detection and real-time data exchange via junction service to distinctly confirm single light switches, brightness adjustment and real-time fault analysis.;

City street lights can be pointed out as an example in the street light smart lighting,
First, we divide street light groups (in general, each road is a group), then set the number of this street lamp (IP location);

Next, the group controller sends out control information to the switch, dimming or real-time among close street lights. After that, the communication module detects the information between the closest lamps and conducts the operation step and further transfers the information to the next lamp in row;
finally, it forms a circulating transfer procedure: sending out orders from the group controller, where the closest lamp conducts the order and sends it out to the next lamps.
Meanwhile, all street light communication modules are duplex communicators, which also feed all the state information after the order has been conducted via sending out back to group controller

In addition, the local host machine can further communicate with host machines in other regions over the Internet or GPRS, which ensures that the street light control information in the region can be clearly checked in other places.

UrUrban digital lighting control system application advantages

IntThe smart dimming control can adjust the light power, brightness and color, wirelessly and in remote distance;
ThSelectively turn off or lower the power for single lights at midnight;
Can achieve that system management further saves 20%~40% of the energy on the basis of exited energy-saving lighting products;
Real-time monitor single light state, timely fault analysis and troubleshooting maintenance;
Adoption of special street light lighting method in rainy days; light-operated cut-off lighting control in summer and winter.
The transparency setting oriented towards single light monitoring in any place at any time ensures information symmetry between client and manufacturer;
Convenient for light management and control in every place in order to achieve refined control and practical energy conservation;
Convenient to form unified centralized management in a wider scope;