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Since its successful development in 2003 and launching in 2004, the LVD induction lamp has already obtained over 100 patents up to now. The lamp is put into operation in tens of thousands of key engineering projects worldwide such as Shanghai Nanpu Bridge, Korea Seoul Airport, etc. The products are well praised by clients and have won gold medal in International Industry Fair and National Key New Products Title. Shanghai Hongyuan Lighting & Electric Equipment Company Ltd. is the maker of induction lamp industrial standards.

Differentiation advantage comparison between the LVD induction lamp and other induction lamps
 ·Tailoring magnet ring structure of Hongyuan LVD induction lamp  ·The Hongyuan LVD induction lamp can adopt tailoring exhaust pipe protection design
 ·Hongyuan LVD induction lamp exhaust pipe design  ·Hongyuan LVD induction lamp gap bridge structure
 ·The Hongyuan LVD induction lamp adopts professional electronic ballast  ·Hongyuan LVD induction lamp dimming technology
 ·Hongyuan LVD induction lamp originally invents Venus light source  ·Hongyuan LVD induction lamp originally invented compact dimming magnetic induction lamp Saturn 2B
 ·Hongyuan LVD induction lamp originally invented biological lighting system and ultraviolet sterilization lighting  ·Hongyuan first applied the LVD induction lamp to solar energy lighting systems
 ·Hongyuan LVD induction lamp wide voltage version  ·Hongyuan LVD induction lamp urban digital lighting control system
Comparison between the LVD induction lamp and other light sources
 ·Compared with high frequency induction lamp  ·Comparison with high pressure sodium lamps
 ·Compared with ordinary fluorescent lamps  ·Comparison with LED lamps
 ·Comparison with other induction lamps  
The Hongyuan LVD induction lamp has higher magnetism radiation shield performance
 Tailoring magnet ring structure of Hongyuan LVD induction lamp

LVD无极灯, 产异化优势, 特有磁环结构

1, Shield radiation, have higher safety performance.

2, More good-looking appearance .
3, Better heat dispersion, longer use term.
4, Tide wiring distribution, good wire protection performance.

Patent number:

Magnetic induction lamp magnet ring hooping structure

Patent number: ZL200320122269.4
Devices that stop electromagnetic wave radiation of magnetic induction lamp

other similar products do not have magnet ring protection devices

LVD无极灯, 产异化优势, 无磁环保护装置

1, No magnet ring radiation shield structure, easy to trigger electromagnetic interference

2, Poor appearance.
3, Poor heat dispersion.
4, Naked cables, poor protection performance.

not have this patent