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Overseas Sales Manager

Recruitment Quantity:5   Working Place:Overseas   Date:2012-04-18



·International Trade , Business English , Marketing related professional , undergraduate above;
·above 3 years of overseas sales experience, independently develop of overseas markets;
·Excellent written and oral communication skills,be able to withstand greater pressure of work and have a keen market sensitivity;
·Adapt to long-term business trips overseas, a multinational working background is preferred.
Job description:
·Develop and maintain customer relations, actively expand the local market;
·Achieve the sales target from company, complete the task of orders and delivery;
·Manage customer relationship, grasp market trends, formulate sales strategy;
·Analyze and plan the market,according to different customers,promote proper products, good marketing promotion;
·Coordinate company’s internal resources,use of customer resources to achieve the sales target;
·Complete other work assigned by the leadership.
Welcome the talents who loves the sales business,dares to challenge himself and has an entrepreneurial spirit to join us!
Our company provides you with broad development platform and competitive incentive mode to help you realizing your personal value.