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Electronic Engineer

Recruitment Quantity:1   Working Place:Shanghai   Date:2012-04-18



·Comply with the occupation moral,love the work and be devoted to it,keep company’s secrets;
·Safeguard the interests of the company
·Building a strong team which is continuously improving, responsible for after-sales claims, the analysis of product quality, etc


·Electronics, microelectronics and other related professional, college or above;
·Above 10 years of relevant working experience;
·Have the working experience of welding, debugging and assembling electronic products;

·Skilled use of office software and drawing software; understand the relevant knowledge of electronic circuit;
·Familiar with technical support after sales, strong communication ability and strong team management ability;
·The one who has lighting industry experience would be preferred.

Technical staff of researching and developing products have lifelong mention award, project contribution rate is higher, income is higher.Welcome the elite of lighting industry to join our company.