Application Prospects

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Huge market
Market segement types
Infrastructures:ports,tunnels,bridges,roads,city squares and parks;
Public places:cultural sports facilities,health facilities,stations,railways,airports,parking stations and government facilities.
Industrial enterprises: pharmacy/food, automobile making, petrfaction/chemical industry, steel/metallurgy and warehouse facilities;
Commercial service enterprises: gas stations/sinopec/mobil/BP, commercial exhibition halls/cars/luxury stores, supermarkets, restaurants and real estate development projects.

High quality clients: strong payment capability, using a large amount of lamps and long time lighting, huge lighting energy consumption, strong internal energy saving requirement, and required by policy; Occasions where use point light sources such as normal tube/sodium light/metal halogen lamp/mercury lamp/CFL.

At present, we don’t consider occasions(such as offices/schools) where use light bands(T8/T5).
Shangri-la, intercontinental groups and marriott corporation respectively own 21, 50 and 39 restaurants in China;
Sinopec own 30,000 gas stations,and PetroChina own 18,000 gas stations.
China has 142 airports and 1430 ports,the total number of city street lights are 3.95 million(by the year 2001);
There are over 520,000 foreign owned enterprises in China by the year 2005, and 450 of the Top 500 companies in the world have invested in China;
China have 661 cities by the year 2005,and among them 49 cities’ populations are more than 1 million;
China now has over 14,000 large and medium state-owned enterprises;
There are 356 large markets monitored by China commercial information centre;
The long term projects are always our goal, and every lighting corner is our market, such as bridge, streetlights, highways, tunnels, factories,supermarkets and hotels etc. Those are huge energy consumption user, and the energy administrative contract can cause an energy saving society effect.

Respond to the policy “energy saving society” of government positively, hold LVD induction lamps tightly which can realize high efficiency energy saving and make sure the EMC model can be successfully executived. Making full use of the advantages of CCB and Hongyuan to open a Chinese energy saving leasing service bussiness via “cooperation of bank and enterprise”, and to realize the win-win model of enterprises’ economical effect and the countries’ environment protection effect.