Energy-Saving Advantages

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LVD induction lamsps:the industrial revolution of IC integrated circuits

LVD induction lamps combine light,electricity and magnetism technologies, and they are the new generation of lighting source whicn fistly use IC integrated circuits.And LVD induction lamps possesses high enrgy saving efficiency and super long life span. Under the situation of energy shotage becoming more and more serious globally and the prices continually rise, the worlwide induction enrgy saving reformation project are rapidly rising. 

节能(EMC), 节能优势, 001

Lifetime (100,000hrs),100 times more than traditional tubes

The energy saving efficiency of induction lamps compared with other ligting products

More than 50% energy saving compare with energy saving lamps
More than 75% energy saving compare with metal halogen lamps
More than 90% energy saving compare with normal lamps 

Light source In the same lux
Relatively energy consumption cost

By contrast The enrgy saving percent of LVD induction lamp

More energy using than LVD induction lamp (times)

Relatively power(W)
LVD induction lamp 节能(EMC), 节能优势, 002-1, LVD无极灯 1.0     120
normal incandescent 节能(EMC), 节能优势, 002-2, 普通白炽灯 10.0 90% 9.0 1200
normal incandescent
节能(EMC), 节能优势, 002-3, 日光灯 2.2 55% 1.2 260
Flourescnt lamp 节能(EMC), 节能优势, 002-4, 普通节能灯 2.0 50% 1.0 240
Normal CFL 节能(EMC), 节能优势, 002-5, 高压汞灯 4.9 80% 3.9 600
High pressure 节能(EMC), 节能优势, 002-6, 高压钠灯 4.0 75% 3.0 480
mercury lamp 节能(EMC), 节能优势, 002-7, 金卤灯 4.0 75% 3.0 480

Energy saving cases

Shanghai Yan’an middle school had use 32 sets of 120W LVD indcution lamps to replace the original 32 sets of 400W metal halogen lamps, flickers free, soft and uniform space illumination 

Comparison items 400W metal halogen 120W LVD induction lamp
Actual power 460W 121W
Working hours 4hrs 4hrs
Energy consumption of one lamp a day 1.84kwh 0.484kwh
Energy consumption of 32 lamps a day 58.88kwh 15.488kwh
Energy consumption of 32 lamps in 10 years 17664kwh 4646kwh
Energy consumption of 32 lamps in 10 years 176640kwh 46460kwh
Energy saving of 32 lamps in 10 years 130180kwh

Tianjin Jiashijie square (chain market) Highbay lighting (17m height),using 300 sets of 80W LVD induction lamps, the illumination can reach 800 Lux at the position 2 meters away from the floor, this has changed th original situation of hard maitainence and substandard illumination with 150W metal halogen lamps. 

Comparison items 150W metal haligon lamps 80W LVD inducton lamps
Actual power 170W 81W
Working hours 20hrs 20hrs
Energy consumption of one lamp a day 3.4kwh 1.62kwh
Energy consumption of 300 lamps a day 1020kwh 486kwh
Energy consumption of 300 lamps a year 367200kwh 174960kwh
30Energy consumption of 300 lamps in 10 years 3672000kwh 1749600kwh
Energy saving of 300lamps in 10 years 1922400kwh
Comparison items 400W Metal halogen lamps 200W LVD induction lamps
Actual power 460W 210W
Working hours 24hrs 24hrs
Energy consumption of one lamp a day 11.04kwh 5.04 kwh
Energy consumtion of 274 lamps a day 3024.96kwh 1380.96 kwh
Energy consumption of 274 lamps a year 1089000kwh 497160 kwh
Energy consumption of 274 lamps in 10 years 10890000kwh 4971600 kwh
Energy saving of 274 lamps in 10 years 5918400kwh