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The Lighting energy saving solution to maximize users’ value
Free dawn payment and installation
To meet the requirements of some users to reduce the initial investment, or to replace the disposable purchasing by the way of equipment leasing, we divide the investment and cost of equipments into the operation cost of a company or institution, and in this way ,to help companies to realize the scientific administration of controlling the costs and benefits of investment. Shanghai Hongyuan provides a flexible energy contract administration, and our customer can use LVD induction lamps without investment,and use part of the electricity savings to pay the depreciation expense of our lamps in instalments, at the same time, users can share the node benefits with equipment supplier within the valid period of the energy saving service administration contract.




Operation system: Government propose banks and leasing companies to provide financial support; Energy service companies run the specific projects.

Operation mode: users can use the energy consumption D-value of befor-using and after-using the equipments to pay energy company by month or by year in the agreement period with energy service company.Generally, energy service company can recover its equipment investment in 3~5 years. Users sign an energy administration contract with energy service company, energy service companies sigh a purchasing contract with manufacturer, and with the participation of banks or lesing companis, they can provide financial support to energy service companies according to the contract and some relevant management requirements,so many parties can benefit from the energy savings. This model has been successfully used in the lighting energy saving reformation solutions of Zhenxing Aluminium enterprises.