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Shanghai Hongyuan Lighting & Electric Equipment Company Ltd., founded in 1989, and operating for 24 years up to now, is a large-scale enterprise dedicated to researching, developing, producing, and selling induction lamps. Over the past 24 years, Hongyuan has gained hundreds of awards. It won the glory of Shanghai Top 100 Enterprise and Top 10 Tax Payers in four successive years and was acclaimed as Shanghai Municipal high-tech enterprise and key high-tech enterprise of the National Torch Plan of China. It successively gained the Shanghai Municipal Famous Trademark, Shanghai Brand, National Key New Products and First Prize for energy conservation, emission reduction and technical innovation in Shanghai.

Hongyuan Lighting has always taken the revitalization of the national lighting industry as a duty and bravely takes the lead in science and technology. It once researched and developed the first home-made automatic HPSL production line; took the initiative of developing colorful halogen lamp series products which illuminate numerous landmark buildings and landscapes nationwide, including the Bund in Shanghai. It was acclaimed as "Urban Environmental Worker in the Nighttime". In 2003, Hongyuan independently developed induction lamps and built the LVD brand, which is energy-efficient, over-durable and environment-friendly. Hongyuan‘s LVD induction lamps have an absolutely independent property right, which till now has gained over 100 patents at home and abroad. It has passed many domestic and overseas authentications such as CE, CCC, SON, UL/CUL, FCC, PSE, GS, SASO. Hongyuan is the only one that won the gold medal in CIIF in the lighting industry. The Hongyuan LVD induction lamps market share worldwide is always Number 1, and the production is exported in over 160 countries and regions. The products are successfully applied to ten thousands of energy-saving lighting projects at home and abroad, which are used in every field and facility such as airports, ports, tunnels, roads, stations, railroads, industrial workshops, landscapes, offices, hotels, parkings, football fields, gas stations, exhibition halls, restaurants, and so on.

Having profoundly understood and mastered the energy-saving light technology, on the basis of independently researched and developed key skills of induction lamps, Hongyuan not only has developed series illuminants such as Saturn, Venus and Linglong, ballast, a series of induction lamp products including special induction lamps; but also has gradually integrated induction lamps within the relevant industrial chain technologies such as dimming technology, long-range control technology, and agricultural lighting, so as to shape the pattern that jointly develops the induction lamp products together with LED low-wattage illuminants, OLED, and other technical reserve products. Based on the prospective technical development vision and solid technical strength, Hongyuan R&D team actively integrates the market and customers’ requirements, and continues to upgrade differentiated competitive advantage by means of sustained innovation of the product line so as to make Hongyuan always take the lead in the industry.

In 2008, the Company successfully brought in Goldman Sachs international capital, which laid the foundation to fully carry out the strategy of internationalization. In addition, the Company took industry gradient transfer in the Nanxiang area, where the Company is located, as an opportunity. After that, the Company conducted a production and marketing mold to let both the headquarter marketing base, and the Jiangsu Lide industrial base, develop at the same time and to put forward that Hongyuan would be listed in two years, which turned to a new chapter upon the takeoff of the Hongyuan brand products in 2011. The headquarter production and marketing base will be rebuilt in the former site. Also, the construction and decoration of an 18-story high Hongyuan headquarter building will finish within 2 years. The new building will cover an area of 26,000 square meters with an expected market capitalization up to 0.8 billion. The Company’s production and manufacturing will be transferred to Jiangsu Yancheng Lide Industrial base to shape the industrialized platform advantage through the integration of self-production and foundry. Meanwhile, Hongyuan will set up overseas warehousing in the largest and most professional logistics storage and transshipment port , which should turn to a new chapter upon the strategy of overseas expansion. The upgrading of storage, service, information, marketing and talents training will accelerate the expansion of the international market share and efficiently store and quickly transport the cargo and goods. This way, the storage and transportation costs will be reduced in order to achieve win-win results between the Company and customers.

Upon finishing the headquarter production and marketing base and the Lide industrial base, Hongyuan will take all-out efforts to increase market share, boost the business turnover and list the Company in the best opportunity. With all these advantages, Hongyuan is getting ready and to soar up immediately. With the tenet of “the leader in world’s lighting technologies”, Hongyuan continues to be innovative in strategy, market, technology and products focusing on takingthe lead in the field of energy-saving lighting so as to make new contributions to humans‘ lighting and energy-saving causes and to make greater efforts to achieve the takeoff of the brand and innovation of China’s lighting brand in the world!