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Hongyuan is committed to technology innovation in the view of the following situations: the new round of infrastructure & urban construction climax brought by the global financial crisis; the international energy crisis which is constantly testing the economic development of each country, especially the power tension, which has been one of the main factors restricting & impacting international economic development; energy using, electricity accounts for a large proportion, therefore, energy saving in lighting is very important. Compared with the long period of constructing new power plants and the negative impact on the environment, energy saving in lighting is much more economical, environmental and practical, which demonstrates our company’s social responsibility.



Hongyuan actively fulfills her social responsibilities for many years, cares for the vulnerable in our society and is actively involved in the public-spirited activities, such as “love under the blue sky, fighting floods and providing disaster relief, fighting earthquake and providing disaster relief, donating hope primary school, the development and construction of western regions, the construction of New Countryside, education development fund”,etc., with the donation of more than ten million yuan, which has won lots of recognition from numerous governments for Hongyuan.