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The dedication of two generations

Since 1989 when Hongyuan was established, the glory and honors she has attained are inseparable from the insistence on lighting industry of two generations—Mr. Li Weide, president of Hongyuan, and his father. Both of them are as persistent as most technicians and bear in mind the dream and pursuit of revitalizing Chinese lighting industry. At the same time, they share the values of being the first and innovation. Mr. Li Weide follows his father’s steps and maintains his insistence.……

Li Weide’s Father:

Mr. Li Anhua, Mr. Li Weide’s father, is one of the first generation of experts specialized in electric vacuum material. Mr. Li Anhua successively invented a variety of electric vacuum metal materials, including Dumet wire, steel cored wire, nickel-plated iron wire, molybdenum wire and cobalt wire mixed with nickel, etc., which filled the technology gaps of electric light source and meant a new start of electric light source tech in China. Mr. Chen Yi, the first mayor of Shanghai, issued an order of commendation himself to honor Mr. Li Anhua’s great contributions to Chinese electric light source industry.

The medals on the left are awarded to scientific workers by Shanghai Municipal Government for their making outstanding contributions to the socialist cause since the founding of new China.

Mr. Chen Yi, the first mayor of Shanghai, issued an order of commendation himself to honor Mr. Li Anhua’s great contributions to Chinese electric light source industry.

The inventor of LVD induction lamp:

Mr. Li Weide is the founder of Shanghai Hongyuan Lighting & Electric Equipment Company, Ltd. and LVD induction lamp and a senior engineer receiving the special State Council allowance for experts. He has been entitled numerous titles, such as Deputy Director of China Electric Light Source Professional and Technical Committee, Vice President of Shanghai Lighting Industry Association, continuously four-time elected as the member of CPPCC of Shanghai, CPPCC Standing Committee Member of Jiading District, a member of Shanghai Federation of Industry and Commerce Executive Committee, Vice President of Shanghai Technology Enterprises Association, Vice President of Shanghai Private Enterprise Association, Vice President of Jiading Federation of Industry and Commerce, Vice Chairman of CSPGP, Expert specially invited by Shanghai Science and Technology Transformation and Popularization Council. He has ever won almost 100 honorary titles, such as the Grand Prize of Fourth China Innovation and Entrepreneur, Chinese Contemporary Inventor, First Prize of State and Shanghai energy-saving and emission-reduction rationalization proposals, “Shanghai Top Ten Scientific and Technological Innovation Talent”, “Shanghai Advanced Science and Technology Workers” etc.

the special State Council allowance for experts a senior engineer
the Grand Prize of Fourth China Innovation and Entrepreneur Chinese Contemporary Inventor
National Advanced Individual of Knowledge Workers The first Shanghai builder of socialism with Chinese characteristics
Vice President of the Shanghai Federation of Industrial Economics and President of the Bureau The Member of Shanghai CPPCC
Vice president of the Shanghai Science and Technology Enterprise Confederation Ten Excellent workers of Shanghai Technology Innovation
Seminar member of the National Electric Light Source Technology Experts of Shanghai Promotion Association of Scientific and Technological Achievements Conversion
The Member of the Seventh Energy-saving Council The first prize of reasonable suggestions on national and Shanghai energy saving and emission reduction
Shanghai Excellent Enterprise Manager Ten Outstanding Young Persons
The Ninth Shanghai Committee Member of Chinese People‘s Political Consultative Conference Professional Committee Deputy Director of the Fourth Electric Light Source of China Illuminating Engineering Society

Our company has been concentrated on lighting industry in the past 20 years; we have created more than 20 first through Hongyuan people‘s hard work and long-term persistence. All staff in their own positions made efforts to achieve the dream and pursuit of the revitalization of Chinese national industry. It was just "concentration" that encouraged Hongyuan staff to work hard for our dream. Our success was based on our perseverance, dedication and efforts and the "concentration" also brought success and bright future to our company. Hongyuan staff will continue to work hard with our great sense of responsibility and mission. With enthusiasm, responsibility and innovation, we tenaciously advance towards our goals.