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Both senior managers and the staff in our company have always consciously taken the quality of products as seriously as their own eyes. Hongyuan establishes right values??, development direction and performance goals and creates an atmosphere of active participation, innovation, quick response and learning, improving governance quality and better fulfilling their social responsibilities among employees; pays enough attention to customers‘ needs and expectations; pursues excellent performance; improves the quality and management of products and enhances their competitive advantages; promotes sustained ,rapid and healthy development of economy. She has always regarded the quality of products as her lifeline. It can be said that the development and growth of our company is exactly close to the staff‘s valuing the quality of products.

Quality Control System:

Hongyuan quality control system guarantees every process of operations. The main responsibilities of Quality Control Department are concluded to establish, implement and maintain the procedures of quality control system; to guarantee the product quality to achieve the advanced level in the same field; to ensure the actual measuring data to exceed the international standard and those of the same kinds made by overseas manufacturers and to create an active environment for staff, so as to encourage the staff to actively participate multitudinous public quality control activities such as QC group activities, rational proposals, 5S management and TPM group (Total Productive Maintenance), etc.

Quality control procedures:

To ensure the successful implementation of quality control, Hongyuan supervises ourselves strictly according to ISO9001 Quality Control System, and establishes the quality control procedures and measures as follows:

  1. Documents control procedure;
  2. Records control procedure;
  3. Management assessment and control procedure;
  4. Human resource control procedure;
  5. Infrastructure and work environment control procedure;
  6. Planning procedure of product realization;
  7. Customer-related processes control procedure;
  8. Design and development control procedure;
  9. Purchasing control procedure;
  10. Production and service provision control procedure;
  11. Monitor and measure equipments control procedure;
  12. The measurement procedure of customer satisfaction;
  13. Monitor and measurement procedure of both process and products;
  14. Unqualified products control procedure;
  15. Date analysis control procedure ;
  16. Improvement control procedure.

The measures and control procedures above meet customer’s quality demand as well as ensure the product quality.

After-sale service:

To take comparative advantages in the international field, the Customer Service Center is set up, which focuses on assessments of main products and service performance. Meantime, a series of communication platforms are established for customers’ convenience such as hot-line 800-820-1205, Engineers Online, Designers Online, Complaints and Suggestions. With upholding the advantages of continuous innovation and timeliness of the Internet, Hongyuan keeps on optimizing our service.

Feedback of Customer satisfaction:

Our company has always been committed to establish and improve the relationship with customers to gain and maintain customers, to create new business opportunities and to improve customer satisfaction. 
Hongyuan contributes to customer satisfaction as follows:

  1. 1. To strengthen customer relationship.
  2. 2. To clarify customer‘s options and requirements.
  3. 3. To optimize management of complaint process to ensure the solution provided timely and efficiently.
  4. 4. To evaluate and improve the effect periodically for business relationship establishment.

Quality conformity certificates:

With the motto of "Emphasizing science and technology, quality, service and innovation", Hongyuan is highly proved by various organizations.