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Hongyuan together with Fudan University published the book"LVD Induction Lamp"

With the continuous growth of the global economy and a shortage of resources, energy issues have become important issues affecting the development of the world and the concept of "energy saving and emission reduction" has been attached great importance by the world. Electricity for lighting accounts for about 15% of the total consumption of power resources, so energy-saving lighting becomes the focus of energy saving. Under such circumstances, the new energy-saving light source independently developed in China with independent intellectual property - LVD induction lamp with outstanding advantages of no electrodes, efficient energy saving and long life become the inevitable trend of resource conservation and environmental protection.

In order to make more people know about the differential advantage of LVD induction lamp, Shanghai Hongyuan Lighting & Electric Equipment Co., Ltd. and Fudan University Institute of Electric Light Source published a book"LVD Induction Lamp", issued by the Fudan University Press, the first literature systematically introducing LVD induction lamp and application of it.

The compilation of "LVD induction lamp" takes advantages of an integration of leading experts and scholars the this industry, and is complished by the doctoral supervisor, Chen Dahua and Doctor Chen Yuming of Fudan Lighting Research Institute ,and Chairman Li Weide who enjoys the special allowance of the State Council with the title"Lighting Expert". This book makes complicated basic knowledge, the principle and practical application of green lighting products understandable, from emitting principles of LVD induction lamp to its practical application profiling, which have the features of independent development, independent production, independent intellectual property, energy saving, high lumen efficacy and long life".  

The book includes:  
1,The development of LVD induction lamp 
2,The foundation of light source technology  
3, Principles of gas discharge  
4,Principles of induction electrodeless fluorescent 
5,Research on RF electrodeless light source discharge mode  
6,Diagnosis of RF electrodeless light source spectroscopy 
7,An analysis of electrodeless fluorescent lamp electronic ballast  
8,Study on application of LVD induction lamp

In the past 20 years, Hongyuan has been committed to promoting the development of lighting technology and breakthroughs in core technologies. To work closely with the Electric Lighting Source Research Institute of Fudan University in transformation of academic studies and scientific research achievements, Hongyuan has not only successfully invented LVD induction lamp, won more than 100 patents from both the international and domestic and kept the lead in industrialization and the field of technology, but she has also established "Hongyuan-Fudan University Industry-Academy-Research Base" and postdoctoral centre. She has achieved fruitful achievements in sustainable innovation of lighting technology, intellectual property management and product certification, etc. The publication of the book "LVD induction lamp" is another successful cooperation between Hongyuan and Fudan in the academic field. They will keep close cooperation in the future to make greater contributions to the international leading position of Chinese lighting technology, to making Hongyuan internationally renowned lighting brand as well as to the rapid development of Chinese lighting industry.

Left: Garden light R & D center , Right: Industry-Academy-Research Base of Fudan University

Parametric test is in progress.

Mr.Kamiya Mao, the International Electric Light Source Academic Committee Advisor and Chief Engineer of Panasonic lighting, accompanied by Professor Chen Dahua, visited Shanghai Hongyuan and acclaimed induction lamp as the new lighting invention, the only one beyond the world-class in China.

Chairman Li Weide and Professor Chen Dahua, the former director of the Electric Lighting Source Research Institute, are taking photos for memory.

LVD induction lamp is awarded golden medal from the sixth China International Industrial Fair.

LVD induction lamp has won numerous patents.

The British newspaper "Lighting Equipments" commented that
“Western unstable technology has new breakthroughs in China.”。

"Liberation Daily" said, "LVD induction lamp is the invention beyond the world‘s lighting technology.”

WenWei Po published,"Light source steps into IC age---LVD induction lamp triggers a new revolution in lighting industry.”

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